Friday, 20 April 2012

My Interest

Hi..assalamualaikum you all!!
Here I would like to share a little about my interest towards pet.
For whom know me the best, they will know what pet I love the most.

The pet that i really love the most is cat. I will love them more if there are more and more of them! hehe
I like to play with their hairy soft fur, sleep with them, tease them..hehe

When I was a kid, I found a cat at a grocery near my house. I played with it until I forget what was my real intention to that place. Then, it kept on following me on my way to home. 
It showed it's pity face towards me, hoped that I will take it home. Yes, it succeed made me felt that way.
So, I kept it as my pet. I named her Cindai because of the three colour fur she had.
I do not have it's picture but I do have Cindai's children's pictures. Here they are:

                                            This is Puteh (White)

These are the two loving siblings..=)

And this is Itam (Black)

Puteh again... It so cute when it is sleeping.

It fell asleep first when slept with me, So, I snapt it's picture..=)
Puteh with it's free style!!..  

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