Thursday, 19 April 2012

about me..

Assalamualaikum and hi to all..
This is a little bit about my self..

My full name is Syumailah Bt. Danh Sapry. My friends call me Syu. I am the 5th child in my family.
We live nearby a beach which we can feel the fresh breeze from our lovely home.
My mother, Karimah Bt. Saat is a tuition teacher. She teaches English subject while my step father, Che Hazan is a retired policeman.

My biological father's name is Danh Sapry B. Ahmad and he is 54 years old.
I was born on 11 July 1993 at a hospital in Kelantan. I have a pet cat name Cing Cing @ Mioww..
Now, I am doing TESL at Kirkby International College. This is my 2nd semester here. I have another 1 semester to go on for this foundation programme.

I have a dream. A common one. Since I know how to think rationally, I hope that I can be ruler, a boss, or even a CEO that only rest with peacefully at home, waiting for income to get in my banks, hehe..
But i know, to achieve such a big dream like that need a lot of sacrifices and efforts. From now on, I am trying to get what I want, who knows maybe that dream will become true..hehe...Insyaallah..

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