Sunday, 30 September 2012


it is so weird when i started to write in a blog since this blog is just 4 my asiment last sem. i never though that i'll use it in all sudden..waahh nothing is imposible in this world, kereychi??
kalo kte ble tgk kt dunia ni, org korporat yg bpelajaran tgi pun boleh ade wtak hipokrit, apetah lg kalo kt institut kcil mcm ni..cer tnye diri sendri la kn, knpe nk bt org hdup susah, knpe nk torture org?? whats on ur mind???
it is too hard 4 u all 2 live ur life??
adekh gelaran ini mnjdi jmbatan u kmu brfikirn sempit?
have u ever cnsider bout others?
why?u think u already did d best?
u all know what?i'm already sick of these all, i cant wait 2 finish up my life here
it SUCKing me
it is d worst mnagement i've ever seen!!!
COME ON they all are just kids, the kids that newly got their wings, u know, they cant fly so high
A SILLY PERSON WILL FOLLOW THE SILLY STEPS..thats y they are called in that name..
cooperate, is that what u ask me 2 do??HAHA, dont ever think that i'll obey to that silly things
i dont have that much either
i'm not a doll 2 pull here n there

live ur own life, appreciate them fren, haihhhhh